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If you're interested in buying or selling new or used tyres and wheels, you're in the right place, ,  we will list them for you at a very reasonable rate on a very popular and well viewed website


If you want to sell a tyre or wheel, please fill out the contact form with details of the tyre, including condition, location, price wanted for it and contact information, then we'll be in touch to discuss the rest.


To purchase a tyre or wheel, simply browse the website, find the item you wish to purchase and fill out the secure enquiry form, we will then be in touch to arrange for you to have the vendors contact information.

Tyre Tread Indications

Tyre tread is usually shown in mm and with a percentage indicator of how much the tyre is worn, the below gives an example of how this works.

Original Tyre Tread Current Tyre Tread % Remaining
45mm 22.5 50%
44mm 11 25%

Sellers Commission Charge
£50/listed item fee

Buyers’ Premium Charge
£20 info release fee

If you require any more information, please get in touch.

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